The results are in…..Proskins Slim

I held off doing a final measurement at the end of my 28 day trial of Proskins Slim as it coincided with running GOW100 km and post race I had some leg swelling (normal fluid build up after a hard long race). Race report will be done soon and will share it with you.

Measurements are now done……

I am somewhat surprised (and of course pleased) to say I lost between 1.5 and 2cm from each thigh. I say surprised for a couple of reasons, I have lowish body fat (typical distance runner), although what I do have I do carry in hips/legs, and this trial started as I was at peak training and went thru taper period and carbohydrate load – not exactly an ideal body time!!

So, of course I am happy with the results of the trial! I am however, also happy with the product even without the cm loss. These are lovely comfortable, light and well fitting compression tights. Some may question the compression on trying them on, as they are thinner (therefore more comfortable & stretchy) than other compression tights. I can attest to the compression – you could see it after I slept in them post 100k race – puffy feet and normal legs!

I would like to thank Proskins for the opportunity to trial these and share my thoughts! I will be continuing to wear mine & will continue to post updates on how I find them longer term!

Back in the next few days with a race report on the GOW 100k, just taking me a while to put all the thoughts that run through your head during it together into a comprehensible story!


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Ultra running mum to two young girls who loves to get out on trails any chance she gets.
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