Reflecting and Planning

What a big year 2011 has seemed to be.  From a running perspective, my first ultra (Bogong to Hotham), two 100k races (TNF100 and GOW100s) and two trail marathons (6Ft Track and Deep Space) as well as PBs for 5k and 10k.  Certainly more than I was aiming for at this time a year ago.  Even with all the long races my overall kms for the year were 3045 (slightly surprised as had plenty of low km time post the long races to recover).

So, now what to aim for in 2012??

Bogong to Hotham is looming – under a week now and will be back for those huge climbs and great views. Looking like it will be a fast race up the front, so should be great seeing the guys power up Staircase Spur to Mt Bogong.

After Bogong at this stage the choice is either 12hour race at Stromlo Running Festival in February or 6Ft Track in March before TNF100 again in May. Definitely can’t do both in the lead up, so will make a decision after Bogong depending on how well I recover. Really would like to try a non trail ultra this year, so if not Stromlo, will look for one later in the year.

After TNF100 in May I will have a running break for 6 weeks, as need jaw surgery which I am hoping to line up for as close after TNF as possible – may as well jam all the pain in close together!!

No plans yet for the rest of the year as definitely dependant on how long I am unable to run with (Drs say 6wks, but will be hoping less, or at least to be back on bike quickly).

Other running goals – try and find a group to join for speed work occasionally, fit in additional long run each week (hopefully achievable with 3yo off to play school for 2 days a week this year and 5yo starting school!) and continuing to increase my average weekly kms.

Non running, get on with the study I have started but not finished on nutrition and fitness training 🙂

For now, I am enjoying a relaxing pre-race taper and less post christmas travel and rushing  around than normal. Guess I sold get motivated and get gear together for Bogong and kids packed for their ‘holiday’ to Mt Beauty!

Happy New Year to all!


About brymcconnell

Ultra running mum to two young girls who loves to get out on trails any chance she gets.
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3 Responses to Reflecting and Planning

  1. Cathy says:

    Wow reading your 2011 achievements – they’re amazing. Looks like there’s a plan forming for 2012 too., including study. Join the club! I hope you have a wonderful 2012 & it is everything you want it to be.

  2. Steve says:

    Go track ultra, no back pack to carry.

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