Rockin Proskins pre-race

The last few days have been much lighter running wise with Great Ocean Walk 100k race this Saturday, but busily packing, getting in last minute massage to help niggle in a knee and arranging things for the kids (so they don’t give my husband too hard a time while I am away racing).

Lots of gear prep required for 100k trail race as you carry most of what you need in a pack and can pick up extra food & drinks from pre-packed gear bags at checkpoints (this race has 4 of them). Obviously you want the pack to be as light as possible (though still ends up around 5kg most races for me), also need to be carrying mandatory safety gear such as wet weather gear, thermals, headlamps, emergency food & mobile phone.

Gear is all now packed, course notes written up (I carry a small sheet with me with notes on distances, major climbs, checkpoints etc), food packed and notes for my support crew done.  So now just need to get myself down to Apollo Bay tonight for pre-race briefing before a 6:15am start tomorrow.

My Proskins trial has been continuing thru all this preparation. Still loving them for post run wear and sleeping, so most days am well above the 8 hours of wear!  Have definitely packed them for sleeping in before and after the race as I find other compression pants overheat me, but these really do manage heat much better.

I have resisted the urge to do measurements to see what the results are like to date, will do these early next week (will be a day or two over the 28 days, but will allow for fluid levels to settle post race!).

Will try and jump back on and update how the race went on Sunday, but in meantime my crew will be tweeting race updates thru my twitter account – @bryrun

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Is Week 3 nearly gone already?

Firstly, a huge apology for my lack of blogging this week. School holidays are busy anyway (even with only one at pre-school) but add in a sick child, pre-race prep, extra kids activities and a complete lack of sleep, the week seems to have vanished.

I am still going strongly with my 28 day trial of Proskins Slim. Finding it really easy to work them in with me life. Like that to get the eight hours in them I can sleep in them if haven’t had them on during the day. My favourite though is to wear them during the day at home or out & about. They have been great with my winter wardrobe, replacing leggings or under jeans etc.   Also finding with the new season maxi skirts can be beautifully hidden so no one knows you have them on, or as I used them this week, great under a long fitted skirt – no seam lines etc!

Will blog later about my preparations for upcoming 100k race – in one week I will be racing – better get final preps done!

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Discussions about Proskins

Over the last two weeks, I have had many discussions online & in real life about Proskins. Some have never heard of them, some know of them once you mention Tiffany Hall or caffeine pants, and others have been obviously doing their research, but looking for first hand feedback prior to purchasing.

Some of the common questions:

How do you manage eight hours a day in them?
Wear them under your clothes, wear them for exercise, wear them to sleep. They are comfortable to wear, so I just mix it up depending on what I have happening that day.

What about washing them, doesn’t that mean they don’t work anymore?
They are designed in such a way that the active products last for 100washes. Mine just get washed on a gentle cycle with all my running gear (yes, including all the stuff that says handwash – all in together)

I don’t wear leggings…
Wear them under things, wear them to sleep in, really they are so light and comfortable you quickly get use to them and I find often I am looking to put them on instead of other items (planning my wardrobe to spend more time in them)

Don’t you get hot in them?
Great feature of Proskins that you don’t see in other compression items is that they handle the heat well (they are also nice in the cold – very useful when winter re-appeared here this week).  Unlike my normal compression, I am comfortable sleeping in them the day after a hard run (normally after a long hard run I find a tendency to overheat at night).

So, how does it work? Can’t I just drink the caffeine?
These are designed with not just caffeine in them, and also to deliver it straight to the problem areas. No they are not going to give you a caffeine buzz (I would know I am super sensitive to it!).

Let me know if you have different answers to add to these, or other questions to add.

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Rest Day & Public Holiday

Have to love it when you have a running rest day and a Public Holiday coincide. Means lots of jobs have happened around the house and I have got to give legs a break and sit around in my Proskins.

After a really hard training block fatigue was setting in, so very glad for a break.  After hammering legs yesterday with hill repeats, I actually wore my Proskins out last night under my jeans – being so thin you can get away with this even under skinny jeans (a bit plus here from me!!).

For me, I am finding the Proskins most in their element for recovery and general wear, rather than exercise – more so due to my preference for 3/4 tights or shorts for running/gym. Have been having lots of chats with people about them, so will blog later with answers to some of the questions asked.

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10 days of Proskins & taking over

Today I realised how much I really like wearing my Proskins tights.

I was out running this morning and found myself planning my wardrobe for the day around what would work best with my Proskins (horrid wet weather, so lots of layering needed!).  Strange for me as I would normally love a clothing item for a few wears and then be moving on looking for my next favourite. Yes, they really are that comfortable – compression, comfortable waist, no creeping up or down…

I am yet to do any measurements, but at this point would say am really happy with how leg definition is looking, as tone seems to be good and more ‘upper’ leg definition. Can’t wait to measure at the end of this week.

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ProSkins Slim – Week 1

A week in Proskins Slim over already. Can’t believe how quickly they have embedded themselves in my wardrobe.

When I first took up the 28 day trial, I wondered how I would go fitting in the 8 hours a day in them that is recommended.  All I can say is that it is lucky that that is not the maximum time you should wear them.

They feel fantastic to wear, soft silky and supportive. Also I have found I can wear them with anything I could have normal leggings with, but also to bed, under jeans, for exercising, certainly for anyone getting the eight house in should be easy.

Results, at this stage I am resisting pulling out a tape measure to see if they have delivered on the promise of tightening up ‘those’ areas. I took measurements before starting, so will perhaps do a measure next week at the half way mark. The other result I am feeling is the assistance for tired legs after a few heavy running weeks. I am have just made it through the two highest kilometre training weeks before my next race and am really liking being able to put compression tights on without the obvious look of being in compression.

Lots of talk starting to happen around the place about Proskins, so will be doing my research to answer some questions I have been asked and also share some other blogs in upcoming posts.  Feel free to ask me if you have a question you want answered!!

Off to relax in my slims.

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Proskins Trial, the first few days

So, I am now a few days in to my 28 day trial of Proskins Slim.

As I write this I am sitting around in them after a busy day mostly up and about – they are definitely already becoming the item I look for when legs are tired and I want something comfortable and supportive.

After 60k run on the weekend, I slept in them. Great way to get the 8 hours a day recommended for results, and also good leg recovery – double win!

I have also tried a run in them. Certainly are as comfortable as normal running tights, though from my own preference would probably elect a pair of the shorts or 3/4 length tights rather than full length tights.

I currently have a heavy run training load as in peak phase of build up pre-race in October, at this stage I am finding the slim tights a great option for recovery as give compression support, but also look fine worn as leggings – unlike normal compression tights they are not branded all over, they also are a comfortable thickness (don’t feel too sheer) and do not have extra seams like many sporting ones.

With weather starting to warm up, time to start giving their temperature control a test! Will report back…

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